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Go Green. Go Experiential Learning.
Go Future Leaders. Go Manzo!
Empowering children to take what they learn in the classroom—beyond, with an innovative, project based curriculum.
Building future leaders who are confident, self-directed, self-sustaining and prepared for every opportunity.
Noam Chomsky Visits Manzo!

"Gardening at Manzo makes me feel unique. I feel like people have confidence in me and don't treat me like I'm little. I feel mature."

- Elizabeth M., 5th Grade

"I never knew growing my own food would make vegetables taste so yummy!"

- Maria S., 2nd Grade


Go Green. Go Manzo.
At Manzo, we empower children to take what they're learning in the classroom and use it in their daily lives. With innovative math and science initiatives and project based curriculum, our students are encouraged to use their knowledge and experience to promote a more sustainable environment at home and in their community. As an award-winning Eco School, we teach students to not only care for the earth, but also cultivate it by incorporating gardening skills as part of our core curriculum.

Go Hands-On Learning. Go Manzo.
Our commitment to experiential learning, including a hands-on Ecology project complete with on-site garden, greenhouse and animal habitat, gives students the tools to think critically and develop a lifelong passion for learning. By combining interactive learning with green living, gardening and composting, we provide innovative ways to teach and learn cooperation, problem solving and responsibility. In addition, our curriculum allows students to learn basic business and applied math skills in a fun, creative atmosphere.

Go 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Go Manzo.

At Manzo we provide before and after school learning and enrichment opportunities for students and parents.  Students are able to attend academic support classes for ELA and Math in grades K-5.  Enrichment classes such as Folklorico, Guitar, Art, Computers, Sports, Yoga and Cooking classes are available. Adult education and enrichment classes are also provided for parents.  Early Education Literacy Development, Computers and Yoga are available for parents throughout the week.

Go Future Leaders. Go Manzo.
Through our innovative curriculum, each child is given the ability to be more self-directed, confident, and self-sustaining, laying a strong foundation for future leadership. Our ultimate goal is for each Manzo student to reach their full potential, achieve success and graduate primed to dive head first into every future opportunity.

855 N. MELROSE | TUCSON, ARIZONA 85745 | 520.225.1900